2015 – 2016 Pentecostal End Times Research Database


This website is a compilation of Pentecostal end times research specifically for 2015-2016 as inspired by the scriptures, prophetic dreams from sparrows nest, and as led by the Holy Spirit.

God’s Prophetic Calendars will walk you through a journey to learn more about working multiple calendars together, which gives valuable insights to how close the time we are in towards the coming of The Lord Jesus Christ; being as close as to this Grand Year of 2016 aka 2015 simultaneously.

As followers of Christ, we are required to be watchers studying the signs that are displayed everywhere for us to see, and indeed this generation is the generation of the Rapture and Great Tribulation; an unprecedented generation that many have once anticipated! I do not know the complete picture (for sure); the speculation of the season (not specific day and hour and not “Thus saith the Lord”) of His return is pointing towards June & July, which will be explained as you navigate around the site. May you be blessed by our gracious Lord Jesus Christ!