The Highest Mountains

And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered. Genesis 7:19

Many signs are pointing to the month of March/Sivan, because the scriptures have been stressing a lot about the number 153; the ides of March! Why March is so significant?

The high hills in Genesis 7:19 is a very important description about the falling of high places, and Noah’s ark which was floating on top of the water from the flood refers to the promotion of the bride of Christ to high places. There were 3 stories according to Genesis 6:16 of Noah’s ark structure representing the 3 heavens; the sky, the outer space and heaven.

Mount Everest in Nepal

Mount Everest is the highest mountain on the earth reaching to 29,029 ft., and it is located in Nepal. This number 29,029 will be explained in 2015 Second Pentecost page.

Nepal was hit with major earthquakes twice back in 2015’s April to May, and this will be further explained in the page End Times Psalm 23:4. Briefly saying, there will be the falling of high places at the time of the true Pentecost when the bride of Christ will be translated to her glorified body.

Olympus Mons in Mars

The name “March” is linked to the name “Mars”. Olympus Mons reaching up to 85,000 ft. is the highest volcanic mountain in the solar system, which is higher than Mount Everest. This is saying that the month of March/Sivan is linked to the meaning of high places, whether it is promotion or demotion. It has to do much with The Number 12-21 once again.

Therefore, when we hit at Sivan/June (Jewish March), we know that it is the TIME TO RISE for the bride of Christ, and yet it is also the TIME TO FALL for the unsaved that are not covered in the blood of Christ! The bride of Christ will be raptured UP to heaven in ascension, and be translated!