3-Ways Mirroring

First Mirroring Method – Forward

This is an example of mirroring March forward to June to be seen as equal identity. This is made possible through both parties having the same month, which is March pairing with Sivan (Jewish Third Month). There is a reason to mirroring here and there, and the Detailed Calendars section will make it clearer. There are many interesting combinations indeed!

Second Mirroring Method – Backward

Once again, using the same identical method going backwards, thus July equals to April and Nissan, because Tammuz (Jewish Fourth Month) is pairing up with April.

Third Mirroring Method – Same Spot

on spot
This is a little bit different because it is neither forward nor backward. Putting into context for the 2015-2016 connection, if we want to have December 2015 equals to December 2016 identity, flipping on the same spot would work since both consists of December and Kislev.

There is a reason to connect both 2015 and 2016 together; firstly, both periods together would be Jewish Year 5776-5777 where we see the 67 connection aka a transformation code, and secondly the major Enoch’s transformation confirmation was back in 2015 of May 24 First Pentecost matching Genesis 5:24, therefore we must be within 2016 to get 2015 by being before Rosh Hashanah in October 2016, and thirdly the Gregorian Year 2015-2016 is decoded as 15:00-16:00 aka 3:00-4:00 aka 6:00-7:00, once again this is the transformation code.

There is one main reason which was not explained yet about Hanukkah connection, which will be explained in another page under 2016 Commentaries section drop down menu.

Combined 3 Mirrored Crosses Method


I think this would be a more appropriate method of getting 2016 December Hanukkah identity to June (it is not appropriate to wait until December to aim to get the range of the Jewish year 5776-5777), because of the forward and backward method that equalized quadrant to quadrant.

  1. 12 = 3 = 6 = 9
  2. 1 = 4 = 7 = 10
  3. 11 = 2 = 5 = 8