Jesus, Enoch & Elijah

Throughout the scriptures, there is always a consistent 3-fold pattern, where Jesus, Enoch and Elijah are part of the pattern when it comes to watching for the signs of Rapture!

  1. Jesus – Jewish Calendar
  2. Enoch – Enoch’s Calendar
  3. Elijah – Elijah’s Calendar

Israel is the central marker for everything. Enoch and Elijah were the only 2 people ever taken up to Heaven transformed without tasting death (except these 2 witnesses will soon in a time ahead die during the time of Great Tribulation)

Enoch walked close with God, and so as the Bride of Christ who too will be taken up to Heaven transformed without tasting death. Therefore, Enoch represents the Bride of Christ.

The use of these 3 calendars is also to equalize Gregorian date X with date Y, if both X and Y of the Jewish calendars consist of the same date Z. For example with this made-up version, June 1 equals to June 3 of their identities, because both calendars (Jewish/ Enoch/ Elijah) consist of the date Sivan 24. Therefore, the consistent misalignments of all three calendars is pretty useful!

The reason to equalize them is to fit into the concept of First Day Transformation of The 6 Days of Darkness, which will be explained in the page The 6 Days of Darkness. According to Matthew 27 pattern, straightforwardly it would be the Third Day Transformation, however the reason to have it on the First Day so as to protect the bride of Christ from the attacks of the enemy.

Here is one solid proof that these 3 calendars must work together:

You might know that on June 26, 2015 was a historic time where America had legalized gay marriage nationwide, and it was such an abomination to God. God is not silent in this, and see below the 3 calendars are showing 9-11 on that very same day!

There is a sure reason why it lands on the 26th, which is referring to the Beginning of the End! There will be another page called Dual Alphabetical System that will explain the significance of this number. There is also a reason why it lands on June, which is forming a rainbow that represents the color of gay pride. This will be explored in the page called June 26, 2015 Marker.

jewish Jewish Calendar – Tammuz 9 | Source 1

enoch Enoch’s Calendar – Tammuz 11 | Source 2

elijah Elijah’s Calendar – Tammuz 11 | Source 3