Prophecy for San Francisco by Edmond Ergut

Here is an extract of a prophecy from God regarding San Francisco by Edmond Ergut:

“MY heart is heavy, as I see all that goes on in this city MY heart is heavy for all the sins and all the abominations and all the wickedness and evil that I see, I cannot bear, I cannot bear! I see sins that you don’t even know about, that you cannot even imagine, and MY heart is weary; I ask you to look at this city the way I look at it.

This city is evil and wicked and MY judgment is so right for this city; every citizen, every citizen hates God, they walk in their own ways, they walk in their own lust, they walk in their own depravity, they are wretched and they are naked and they are hungry and they don’t even know it. Their face they turn towards themselves, they try to glorify themselves, they try to adorn themselves, they try to cover up, but I see their hearts, their heart is far from me, and MY heart is heavy, I am very sad and I am very heavy hearted.

This city hates God and it hates me; the mention of MY name and they turn their head and they harden their heart and their back stiffens and they do not want to speak of me; MY name itself is like a bad word in this city; this city hates God and this city hates me. The sins of this city cry out to me to avenge this city with MY wrath; this city is evil! The sins of this city are worse than Sodom and Gomorrah! The wickedness that prevails! The wretchedness! The emptiness!

This is why I have brought you to this city as a light, that you will show this city that the Living God sees their sins and He is ready to avenge them! I cannot speak of their sins, I cannot speak of their wickedness and evil; I am so heavy! I am so heavy hearted! But this city grows in wickedness and evil every day and I am ready to lay MY hand bare!

I am ready to pierce MY sword through their hearts! So they know that I am alive and that they are hurting me, and they are hurting who gave them the very breath which they breath is from me, and they turn their heads away from me, they turn their hearts away from me! I am grieved! I am very sad! But MY justice I will mete out with MY wrath and MY judgment! I ask you to see this city! I ask you to see their eyes! I ask you to see their hearts the way that I see them! I am grieved! You must see this city the way I see it. So that when you bring forth MY judgment you will know it comes with all justice! I ask you to see this city the way I see it!

Raise your arm and take MY sword; you will be MY instrument to bring forth MY vengeance, MY wrath. This is the day, this is MY day of fury, for I am very angry with the wicked and MY wrath shall come upon them. When the sun shines brightest, that is your time, when the sun shines brightest and is right over head, you shall enter the crowd and you shall stand in their midst, you shall proclaim MY name, you shall uplift MY standard and you shall call MY fire, you shall bring down MY sword and they shall burn! MY fire shall come down and burn the wicked, they shall be as stubble; they shall burn as tares but the righteous shall stand; you shall tread the wicked and they shall not hurt you. The wicked shall be stamped like pulp on the ground and MY wrath shall be manifest; the day is at hand and you shall manifest MY wrath! The fire of the Lord shall burn bright! As the Lord moves in with judgment and wrath, the demons shall move out with anger and fury, and there shall be fire and there shall be smoke and there shall be stench so strong that the righteous will have to turn their head because the stench will be so bad; the judgment of the Lord will fall strong upon this city. This city is San Francisco, this “pretty”, this so-called “glorious” city of San Francisco shall be abased, shall be abased, shall become like cinders, they shall burn, this city shall burn, this city shall be abased, because MY Word will cut their lies, their hypocrisy, their sin, and their evil, shall cut them asunder, and this city will be abased.

I have looked upon this city and it is wicked, it is wicked; and as you go forth in the gap, and as you confront the enemy, you will tell them, you will tell them of the coming wrath and doom that this city will experience, you shall tell them that not one stone will be left unturned. And they will look at you and they will think that you are mad; but you will tell them that the Living God has said that this city will be destroyed, not one stone will be left unturned, because I have visited this city and I have seen no good.”