The Number 120

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The image above is a zoomed-in version of the wheel. The number 120 hits at 4:00 direction for July at 120 degrees on the wheel. This is showing that July could be the time of worldwide judgment. The speculation for the time of Rapture is during the time of late July, which the detailed chart to support the speculation will be available in the Detailed Calendars section.

The scriptures said that no one knows the day and the hour of Christ’s return, except the Father. Therefore, to clear up misunderstanding, when I say the period late June and late July possible transformations, this is referring to a “boundary”, not a specific date and hour for I do not know, not even dare to walk before The Lord, and have no interest at all to know it.

The number 120 according to Genesis 6:3 is the maximum tolerance of God. We are onto the 121st Jubilee year being out of 120 limit, which started at the time of October 2015 Rosh Hashanah. This means that we are now within the wrath year in 2016.

The number 120 according to Acts 1:15 were 120 people in the upper room. Therefore, the number 120 is directly linked to Pentecost with the worldwide judgment of God based on the information above. Pentecost is a major gauge when it comes to the season of Christ’s return.

  1. Pentecost is the infusion of the Holy Spirit, means that the bride of Christ will be transformed during the time of Pentecost. There is no date setting here (specific day and hour), because this website only targets Pentecostal boundaries.
  2. Enoch’s birthday was in Pentecost. This is also the bride’s birthday, because Enoch represents the bride who also walks closely with God. The birth of the bride means that the bride will receive her new glorified body.
  3. During the time of Pentecost, there is the Wave Sheaf Offering. The meaning of wave means “elevation” referring to the elevation of the bride of Christ to heaven, because in Leviticus 23:11 the Hebrew word “Nuwph” – נוּף (Strong’s Word 05130) is defined as “lift up”, which the word “lift” is synonymous with the word “elevate”. This will further be explained in the page Barley & Wheat, which represent two groups of the bride of Christ.