The Number 153

Woe to the Ides of March, for the Ides of March is a very significant marker!

The number 3 throughout the scriptures often describe about The Fall, whether it is Genesis 3 and the overwhelming amount of times the number 1/3 was mentioned throughout the Book of Revelation; a fallen number where 1/3 of angels who rebelled against God were casted down to hell fire. The Fall “started” on the number 3, and it will “ends” on the number 3!

I believe the reason why the number 3 always represent the “fall” is because it is an ODD number, meaning it is an UNEVEN number. The meaning of “iniquity” is not being “equal” and “just“. The number 2 is an “even” number, therefore the “fall” was in Genesis 3.

The number 153 is pointing to March 15. We hear the Marching of the Egyptians as they were chasing after the Israelites across the Red Sea in Exodus 14:10! This is referring to the time of Passover as a very significant time in relation to the month of March.

The number 153 also points to 2015 March/Sivan.

The number 153 echoes to the death of Jesus Christ at 15:00/3:00.

The number 153 echoes to the death of Julius Caesar on March 15.

Therefore, the month of March aka Sivan is a transformation month, because the death of Jesus Christ is representing the death of the bride of Christ, for both of them are crucified of the flesh on the cross. Since both Jesus and Julius’ first letter of their first and last names equal to JC, therefore Acts 27 is a worthy study that will break it down below.


  • Euroclydon is a South-East billow. What irony! The words Seven Eleven is short formed as SE as well! According to the wheel, pointing to SE direction is the Jewish month Av! As explained in another page, it is decoded as the number 122, which refers to the Beginning of The End, Judgment and Transformations. It is at 135 degrees, which you could see the numbers 1, 5, 3 again! Also, when we combine SE + AV = SAVE! The possible time of redemption in the month of July aka 711 by July + Jewish Month 11 from Rosh Hashanah. The Number 711 will be on another page for clearer understanding.


  • Twenty fathoms and fifteen fathoms is referring to the year 2015! Right now we are in year 2016, but as long as Rosh Hashanah has not come yet, we are living in between 2015-2016, which is the most significant time of the year! 20 fathoms = 120 foot. 15 fathoms = 90 foot. This is referring to June and July, because June is pointing to 90 degrees and July is pointing to 120 degrees. The connection of 2015-2016 is very important, because this is pointing to 3:00/15:00 and 4:00/16:00 directions, which is June and July’s transformation code.


  • The disappearance of sun and stars for many days is an obvious hint to the Sixth Seal, and the 3 Days of Worldwide Darkness that is coming soon, being linked to the 3 Paul’s Shipwrecks! This page will be available as a major end times prophecy!


  • Paul took bread, broke it and gave thanks to it is referring to the times of Passover’s communion and the infusion of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the time of Passover is very much related to the time of Pentecost. 2016 first and second Passovers are from April to May. Pentecost is definitely a core subject of the research of this website.


  • The people in the ship have fasted for 14 days in total. The number 14 is very important, not only the 9-11 attack is related to the 3 Paul’s Shipwrecks as 2001 + 14 = 2015, the month of February 2016 is very important, which will be explained in the page The Number 1111.


  • The wheat was casted out into the sea is referring to Jonah who was thrown into the sea, and that he was trapped into the belly of the whale for 3 days! Jonah represents the lukewarm and backslidden Christians who will come back to Christ during the 3 Days of Worldwide Darkness, and Jonah represents the wheat brides, which will be explained in the page Barley & Wheat. Thus, The 3 Paul’s Shipwrecks is related to this.


  • The words “two seas met” is referring to Passover, where the Egyptians were drowned into the sea. Once again, Passover is a very important marker.


The number 153 is linked to the planet Mars, because the month of March is related to the name “Mars”, and this will be explained in the page called The Highest Mountains. Briefly saying, it is hinting that the bride of Christ will be exalted into high places for she humbles herself before God in obedience to His will until the end. The transformation and rapture of the bride of Christ to heaven is the meaning of her promotion to high places.

Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully. Psalm 24:3-4

The number 153 is the number of a Great Harvest of Fishes, referring to a Great Harvest of Souls.

The number 153 is connected to the coming Great Harvest of Souls worldwide during the time of 6 Days of Darkness according to Matthew 27 and Exodus 24. This will be explained under the section End Times Fundamentals. Looking at the number 153 backwards in an interesting way, seeing as Monday, Friday and Wednesday, this is altogether 6 days in total.