The Number 276

And we were in all in the ship two hundred threescore and sixteen souls.
Acts 27:37

There were 276 people in the ship according to Acts 27.

The number 276 is a pregnancy number, for 40 weeks = 6720 hours. Reading backwards in Hebrew’s way would be 276, ignoring the number 0 that represents nothing.

The number 276 is directly linked to the number 153 and 123. There will be a page called The Number 153 for more information, whereas the Ides of March is definitely a very significant timing. On the day of January 23, 2016, the number 153 comes up due to the first new moon delay back in 2015. This creates a fascinating misalignment of calendars, extending a single month into two to three months altogether (this will be explained in the Extended Calendars).

For instance, March is equal to February and April at the same time, making the number 234 as Psalm 23:4, which will be explained in the page End Times Psalm 23:4. In the Detailed Calendars section will explain the date January 53rd, 2016 more in depth. It may seem strange, but it does not seem to be a coincidence when adding the number 153 + 123 = 276 at the exact spot when moving down the dates together at the same time.

The number 276 is directly linked Purim and Pentecost, because by counting date between date from the first Pentecost of 2015; May 24, 2015 to February 23, 2016 Purim, there are 276 days. Also, by counting from the second Pentecost of 2015; June 23, 2015 to March 24, 2016 Purim, there are 276 days in total as well. This is showing that the month of February and March are major markers, and this will be further explained in the page called Genesis’ Apple Tree.

Purim is a very important marker to the time of Pentecost, because all Jews were destined to die back then, but they were saved eventually by Esther, and the Jews are representing the children of Israel symbolically as the children of God, which is pointing to the saints that are alive on earth today. Esther went before the king means the bride of Christ will come before the King of kings.

They will not taste death through an upcoming transformation, and be delivered from their fate of death. This is reflecting the reality that all men are destined to die according to Hebrews 9:27, however there will be a unique generation where a holy people will not experience this death, and the good news is that this generation is the generation that the scriptures has spoken about.