Gregorian Calendars

The first new moon delay from September 2015 to October 2015 was very significant, because this is not only delaying the start of new year in the Jewish calendar, so instead of starting Tishri back in mid September, it started only back in mid October. Since the months are delayed, the Gregorian calendar can also be delayed because of the identity change.

This does not mean we only refer to the delayed version, but both at the same time. The delay causes June equals to July forward (will be explained the page Extended Calendars) and June equals to May backwards, because June’s identity of Nissan and Lyar in the delayed calendar is the same identity with May in the original calendar, therefore they are equal. Also, June’s identity of Sivan and Tammuz in the original calendar is the same identity with July in the delayed calendar, therefore they too are equal. This chart consists of much prophetic significance.

Another method to equalize both months together, but not through the first new moon delay is based on the two Jewish months that are within one Gregorian month. For example, back in October to December 2015, in the original calendar November consists of Cheshvan (upper part of the month) and Kislev (lower part of the month). Since October consists of Cheshvan (lower month), it is equal to November. Also, December consists of Kislev (upper month), it is equal to November as well. Therefore, November equals to October and December at the same time.

Below is the chart of comparing the original and delayed calendars. The numbers represent the Jewish month after the first and fourth column of Gregorian calendars. Two Jewish months are in a single Gregorian month, therefore there are two numbers in one month.

SEP 15  6 7  SEP 15  6 /
OCT 15  7 8  OCT 15  / 7
NOV 15  8 9  NOV 15  7 8
DEC 15  9 10*  DEC 15  8 9
JAN 16  10* 11  JAN 16  9 10*
FEB 16  11 12*  FEB 16  10* 11
MAR 16  12* 12*  MAR 16  11 12*
APR 16  12* 1  APR 16  12* 12*
MAY 16  1 2*  MAY 16  12* 1
JUN 16  2* 3  JUN 16  1 2*
JUL 16  3 4  JUL 16  2* 3

This is for an experimental purpose, it may not have any purpose at all, and at this stage it is unsure of how it is used. The numbers marked with the stars are linked in identity together from 2015 December to 2016 July. Starting from locating all the Adar I & Adar II that is from February to May. Then getting the lowest month Tevet from February, it reaches unto December, and getting the highest month Lyar from May, it reaches unto July.