The Israel’s Clock

Israel is the centerpiece, and focus point above all other countries, because it is the land of God; the apple of His eye. By using a clock based on Israel, we can see countries that associate with a certain time and direction. I have much interest in Australia, especially due to the recent storms.

The charts below are roughly showing the approximate boundaries. New Zealand is also at the same direction as Australia, so when only the name below “Australia” just comes up, it also means that its surrounding neighbor(s) are counted in as well for the purpose of convenience.

There will be a page called End Times Psalm 23:4 that will confirm the purpose of this clock.


 Jewish Clock Method
1 O’clock e.g. Syria
2 O’clock e.g. Russia
3 O’clock e.g. Iraq
4 O’clock e.g. Australia
5 O’clock e.g. Yemen
6 O’clock e.g. Tanzania
7 O’clock e.g. Egypt
8 O’clock e.g. Chile
9 O’clock e.g. United States
10 O’clock e.g. Italy
11 O’clock e.g. Norway
12 O’clock e.g. Turkey
jewishGregorian Clock Method
1 O’clock e.g. Italy
2 O’clock e.g. Norway
3 O’clock e.g. Turkey
4 O’clock e.g. Syria
5 O’clock e.g. Russia
6 O’clock e.g. Iraq
7 O’clock e.g. Australia
8 O’clock e.g. Yemen
9 O’clock e.g. Tanzania
10 O’clock e.g. Egypt
11 O’clock e.g. Chile
12 O’clock e.g. United States

If you try to match both clock methods, for instance, Jewish 7 o’clock with Gregorian 7 o’clock you get Egypt and Australia. This is an interesting result, because Australia is the largest multicultural country and Egypt represents the world where both of them have similar meanings. What fascinates me more is 11 o’clock with Chile and Norway together (this will be explained in 3 Paul’s Shipwrecks and End Times Psalm 23:4 page). Norway is referring to the cosmic event of Matthew 16, and Chile is referring to the 3 Paul’s Shipwrecks, which both of them are closely related together. There are so much more combinations than these two examples.

Watching the news and world’s events? What is God trying to say? There is a reason why a certain place is hit at a certain point in time. Referencing the numbers to the particular countries helped me to narrow down to specific scriptures that have given me new insights, namely Genesis 7:11 and Genesis 4:11 that will be explored in the page End Times Psalm 23:4.

Detailed Mapping (Boundaries & Lines -> Relationships)

Please click on the image to enlarge. There are meanings behind every country, and possibly build up a more sophisticated meaning when a particular set of countries are combined. However, the meanings behind every country would not be posted for convenient reasons.

detailed mapping

I did not have the time to map it out rigorously, however I have been highlighting the ones that I want to know such as Australia, Chile, Egypt, United States, Norway, Russia, Nepal and China.