2014 – 2016 Blood Moons


The set of 4 blood moons from 2014-2015 was the 8th tetrad so far in history, which the number 8 represents eternity (when you rotate it around) and a new beginning. This is saying that the end is “here” and not “near”, and that the end times events such as the Sixth Seal would be very close around these years of 2014-2015. The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is not very far away, when we see the moon turns into blood red, partially fulfilling Revelation 6:12. Many think that there are plenty of years as much as 5-10 more years to come, but the bible views it as woefully incorrect. The blood moons are extended to 2016, thus 2016 is the target Grand Year (Isaiah 61:2)!

This year 2016 is also 2015 as long as we are still in the months within the Jewish year 5776, as the year 5776 was also in 2015. Therefore, before the year 5777 I believe everything will be changed, according to the overwhelming signs as explained in this research database.

And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; Revelation 6:12

The Meaning Behind The Blood Moons

The Transition Number 6666 – 7777

There was another surprising blood moon known as the FIFTH blood moon that happened back in March 23, 2016. This was of prophetic significance to the time of June/Sivan.

Blood Moon Date                             Approximate Interval of Months
April 15, 2014 /
October 8, 2014 6
April 4, 2015 6
September 28, 2015 6
March 23, 2016 6
September 16, 2016 6

The chart above is showing that BEFORE September, the Sixth Seal will possibly happen in order to stay within the 6666 zone. This number is an important number related to Hanukkah.

This will be explained in the page Euler’s Number, and since the number 6666 is so identical to the 4 digits of 7777, this is representing the number of transformation 6666 – 7777 as from imperfection to perfection. This number 7777 is related to the date 1/1/17 in this context. By no means this is date setting, because the target month is not January 2017 anyway.

When we flip from March to June by the Merged Clock method, the blood moon that happened in March would equal to June. This is referencing 2015’s Second Pentecost (June 23-24) again! I am just blown away almost off the chair, because March 23 is roughly to be seen as June 23. This is possibly going to play out Genesis 9:22 that echoes to June 22. Since Revelation 6:12 says that during the time of the Sixth Seal, there will be the appearance of the blood moon. Therefore, this is the perfect time when the blood moon pattern from March is going to occur in June again.

I am not speculating any specific date, the dates I was referring was for referencing purpose. I do not guess dates, but only months that are pointing to June and July; the late part of the month.

The Number of Lamech & Job

Month Day Year Total
4 15 14 33
10 8 14 32
4 4 15 23
9 28 15 52
3 23 16 42
27 55 58 140 (1-4)
30 78 74 182 (1-5)

By addition, from the first blood moon to the fourth equals to the number 140 in both column and row. The number 182 comes up by adding all five blood moons’ numbers together.

The number 140 is traced back to Job who lived for 140 years according to Job 42:16. All of Job’s possessions, children, family, servants were killed, and he was plagued with BOILS, which was the SIXTH plague of Egypt. Many signs are indeed pointing to June! In Revelation 16:2 says that those who take the mark of the beast will be stricken with boils, therefore the Great Tribulation is associated with the month of June. This I believe is because July will borrow the identity of June by the delayed calendars method, since July (Genesis 7) could be the month of Rapture/ wheat transformation, and June (Genesis 6) could be the month of barley transformation.

The number 182 is traced back to Lamech who lived for 182 years. Lamech was a very important character to the end times events, and this will be further explained in the page 3 Paul’s Shipwrecks. There were two Lamechs, one who was the “bad Lamech” and the other was the “good Lamech” who was the father of Noah. This is very much related to the Sixth Seal.

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