Pentecostal 7777 [P3]

7777 Is Connected With Double Pi

Pi starts with the number 3, but when we work with the Gregorian calendar, the Jewish calendar must be in-cooperated as well because it is God’s timepiece. The number 3 aka March then must be doubled, making it as 33. This is explored much in the page Meaning Behind Pi. The symbol Pi as TT is made up of two T’s when it is exploded. Therefore, double Pi is TT + TT making T T T T that equals to 7777, because according to the Alphabetical System, the letter t is the number 7.

7777 Is Joined With 2016 Hanukkah

This will be explained further in the page Euler’s Number, but briefly saying the Hanukkah of 2016 will last until 1/1/17, which is 7777 because the number 1 equals to 7 if you have read the page Rosh Hashanah. This date refers to a new beginning; a new year; the first day of the first month.

7777 Associates With Euler’s Number 1828

The number 828 refers to the 3 crosses around 2,000 years ago back then when Jesus died on the cross along with two other thieves. This will be explored in the page Euler’s Number as well. Since 828 is nailed to the cross decoded as the number 777, thus 828 equals to 777 making 1828 as 7777. The 3 crosses were 3 letters of t, or you could see it as †††. Why 828 refers to the cross? This is because the thieves each besides Jesus were going against the 8th commandment, and Jesus Christ is the Son of God who is second positioned in the Godhead hierarchy. Having this related to the cross means that the number 7777 is a transformation number.

7777 Is The End Like Revelation 22

The number 22 is a double 11 (11 x 2 = 22). Revelation 22 is the last chapter of the bible, and the last book of the bible representing the end of the end. The number 1111 equals to 7777.

7777 Is Pentecostal With Enoch

This will be explained in the page 2015 First Pentecost, and this has to do with Genesis 5:24 when Enoch was translated and taken to Heaven. The first Pentecost in May 24 last year in 2015 matching Genesis 5:24 until the time of 2016 May result many of the same number 7777.

7777 Is The Number of Marriage Reunion

Adam’s rib was taken out for God to form a woman for him to be his wife. Humans normally have 24 ribs, thus reducing 1 rib would be 23 ribs for Adam, and 24 ribs for Eve. Since both of them are married as husband and wife, according to Genesis 2:24 both 2 of them are joined into 1 flesh. The numbers 23 + 24 = 47, once again the number 7777 being associated with the marriage between Christ and His bride, for 4 of 7 is 7777. 23:00 Shevat and 24:00 Adar on the clock is pointing to 2:00 February and 3:00 March. The number 23 is very important, and this was explained in the page Genesis’ Apple Tree. Also, apples are red, and red is the color of salvation.