The Midnight Hour

The Midnight Hour is indeed a powerful meaning as described in Matthew 25 and Exodus 12:

  • No Time is Left for The World
  • Judgment Comes Now
  • The Darkest Before Dawn
  • A Turning Point
  • Points Upward to Heaven
  • A New Beginning
  • The End of The Chapter
  • The Cleansing of The Old
  • The Morning Comes
  • The Darkest of The Night
  • When Light Meets The Dark
  • Completion of Something
  • The Symbol X = 24
    • Transformation
    • Death (Egypt/World)
    • Planet X Nibiru
    • X-Axis Points to 2015
    • X-Axis Points to 3PM/Sivan

Bonus: Many People Are Asleep At Midnight By Common Sense (As In The Days of Noah – People Ignored His Warning, and As For Today, Many Are Unaware Of The Time That They Are In Of How Close The Coming Of The Lord Is, Thus Many Will Be Left Behind Including Many Lukewarm Churches For Not Staying Ready While Busily Handling With The Things Of This World)


The Midnight Hour is related to Pregnancy. What is the FIRST thing that newborn baby does? He CRIES! That is why the term “Midnight Cry” appeared in both Matthew 25 and Exodus 12, this is showing the time when the clock hits at Midnight, here comes the BIRTH of the Brides!

The Merged Clock is showing that March hits at 12:00 Midnight, and is of prophetic significance to the time of March/Sivan. Signs are continuously pointing to June/East direction. The direction of East is super significant all throughout the scriptures, and this will be explored in pages such as Euler’s Number – a core subject just like Pi.

Let’s get ready ourselves spiritually to be counted worthy to escape the wrath of come, and get right with God right now at this moment, and come to God in complete repentance of our sins, complete surrender of our will to God, and stay in continuous prayer and worship to God day in, day out along with the habit of reading the scriptures daily – it is nutrients to our soul! The scriptures commanded believers to watch for Christ’s return as well, constantly keeping on the edge of your seat, so that this urgency keeps you moving forward in complete preparation.


Sunrise start day prophetic significance:

And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day. Genesis 1:5 KJV

I believe this sunrise start day clock is giving hint to combine both Gregorian and Jewish calendars together as a starting point, because this format is very similar when it comes to both way of seeing the numbers; 5 AM is to 2nd Hour for example is matching February and May by forward or backward mirroring method. The chart below is confirming Sivan at 3:00 hits the midnight hour.

 4 AM  1st Hour
 5 AM  2nd Hour
 6 AM  3rd Hour
 7 AM  4th Hour
 8 AM  5th Hour
 9 AM  6th Hour
 10 AM  7th Hour
 11 AM  8th Hour
 12 PM  9th Hour
 1 PM  10th Hour
 2 PM  11th Hour
 3 PM***  12th Hour***
 4 PM  13th Hour
 5 PM  14th Hour
 6 PM  15th Hour
 7 PM  16th Hour
 8 PM  17th Hour
 9 PM  18th Hour
 10 PM  19th Hour
 11 PM  20th Hour
 12 AM  21st Hour
 1 AM  22nd Hour
 2 AM  23rd Hour
 3 AM***  24th Hour***